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Unperturbed by the fact that the Western region already had some presence at the event, two charters were bound for the City of York and the National Railway Museum. First was a staff charter for First Great Western staff, still showing that the railway is more an extended family and there to serve both the public and reward its staff for such service. Led by 43002 ‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel’ with 43003 on the back the HST invaded York much with the same defiant presence as Brunel himself would have done in an area dominated by the dominion of Stephenson. Fact remains that the two were close friends and here the FGW charter sat smartly, but at ease amongst its other Northern Rail blue counterparts.
Modern Western power was not the only presence at York however, 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, fast becoming Kettle of the Year, arrived head of schedule thanks to timings for a Hall rather than a Castle class locomotive. The engine with such power graced the York platforms and made an impressive sight. This engine is in fantastic condition and works like a steam powered metronome. Its departure left the modern equivalents standing in his (it is EARL of...) wake.
Also present was other Northern Units and a charter which brought 47580 and 45851 through York, on a working from Norwich.

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